Be@rbrick Pogola 400%


Weight : 1.2 ibs
Dimension: 11 inch
Material : Hard Plastic
Be@rbrick Figurine
Limited Edition ; 6000 pcs worldwide

Medicom Toy has collaborated once again with up-and-coming kaiju toy artist Dan to bring collectors a monstrous BE@RBRICK of his Pogola figurine. Medicom Toy nailed Pogola’s droopy eyes, toothy expression, and rough exterior with careful paintwork.

Monster artist DAN presents his Pogola figurine in 400% Be@rbrick shape. Medicom Toy partnered with the artist for its Limited Edition collection of Beaarbrick figurines. This bright yellow 400% version of Pogola figurine features him in his distinct yellow form and recognizable kaiju detailing.

  • 400% corresponds to the second most common format, most collectors buy BE@RBRICKS in 400% form (280 mm or 11″).

Be@rbricks have done almost the impossible, positioning itself in the intersection of art, fashion, culture, and fun. Its simple and familiar design has won over everyone regardless of gender or age. It is perfect for collectors.

Don’t miss it it is a limited Edition and won’t last long.


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