Be@rbrick Kennyswork Bee 400%


Medicom Toy
Dimension : 100%: 2(d) x 3.5(w) x 7(h) cm.
400% : 7(d) x 13.5(w) x 28 (h) cm.

Kenny Wong, Founder of the Kennyswork , Director of the Brothersfree and

vice chairman of the Hong Kong Society of illustrators .

Kenny Wong – founder of “KENNYSWORK”, Art Director of “brothersfree”

and founding members of Hong Kong Society of Illustrators.

His highlight works including his brands – “Molly the Painter” and

“Copperhead-18”. They did crossover with well-known brands successfully,

which including “Copperhead-18” x Levis tee and jeans etc.

US Disneyland delegated Mickey Mouse to Kenny for a “Mickey Designer

Series” making him became the first authorized designer in HK.

Kenny is the first appointed HK designer to aut by US Disneyland to work on

Mickey Mouse series.

Kenny’s personal works was exhibited in HK Arts Centre, HKU Museum and HK Visual

Arts Centre , Beijing Sanitun,Tainan Kun Shan University and Seoul National University of Technology

Now, Kenny is focusing on his license and design works.


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