Mega Molly Space Toffee 1000%


Detail Information

Launch time: Aug.18th PT 6:00pm


400% 295mm

1000% 700mm

Material: PVC/ABS/PC

Shipping cost will be calculated according to the recipient’s address

*Max.1pc per person, extra quantities or orders will be canceled by the system, same account or same address will be regarded as one person

*Customers shall bear the tariffs and value-added tax incurred in the destination countr

POP MART has built, by far, the competitive edge with its designers, retail channels and industrial chain. The company has recruited famous designers like Kenny, Pucky and Kasing Lung, and launched many fan-favorites to secure a large number of loyal and high-quality customers. Meanwhile, POP MART works with world renowned brands to create pop culture products based on classic characters that appeal to the young. Moreover, POP MART attaches great importance to supporting the foundation of the designer toy market. To improve the training of homegrown talent, POP MART works with the Chinese Central Academy of Fine Arts to present seminars on designer toys and invites top designers to share their wisdom about the industry.

The Tmall POP MART store online has achieved some initial success. By employing mini-games and applets to the online shopping experience it makes shopping even more entertaining. During the 2019 Double Eleven Shopping Festival, POP MART saw a total sale of 82.12 million yuan — an increase of 295% year-on-year and ranking first among all Tmall toy stores.

As POP MART continues to extend its reach, the company has also completed an industrial chain that consists of designers, factories, retail distribution and international toy shows. That way designers can focus on their work and the industry can truly prosper.


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