Mega Space Molly Jelly 400%


Launch time: Sep.23th PT 6:00pm

Size: 295mm

Material: PVC/ABS/PC

Shipping cost will be calculated according to the recipient’s address

*Max.1pc per person, extra quantities or orders will be canceled by the system, same account or same address will be regarded as one person

*Customers shall bear the tariffs and value-added tax incurred in the destination country

*Don not accept any cancel requirement after confirmation

Founded in 2010, POP MART (SEHK: 9992) is a culture and entertainment company mainly focused on creating art toys and collectible pieces. The company operates in four areas of business: Global artist development; IP incubation and operation; retailing; and promotion of art toy culture. POP MART works with renowned international designers such as Kenny Wong, Pucky, Kasing Lung, and many others. The company also collaborates with top-level, global brands such as Disney, Universal Studios, and Sanrio. By the end of August 2021, POP MART had over 300+ brick and mortar stores and 2,000+ Robo Shops (vending machines of POP MART products), spanning 60 cities across Mainland China. POP MART continues to expand overseas, having successfully entered 24 countries/regions located in Asia, America, Europe, and Oceania. Currently, there are 5 overseas brick-and-mortar stores, and 60+ overseas Robo Shops. In addition, POP MART has opened subsidiaries and joint ventures in South Korea, Japan, and Singapore.


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